Sweet Molly Malone

photos 022Press play button below to hear my recording of Sweet Molly Malone
I recorded this beautiful Celtic song a few years ago for David Sheriff, my partner, my muse and my best friend.

colour guitar
Stay Tuned:  My Memoirs will be published soon!



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4 responses to “Sweet Molly Malone

  1. Nancy Beth

    I don’t know how to say how beautiful this is…your voice transports me to an age where this kind of beauty (and hardship) really happened. I see myself on the cobblestoned streets with my barrow…you have a gift, my dearest friend! I am so blessed that you are in my life. ❤

  2. Heard this on New years day and liked it then. I liked it yet again–alot
    Im going to play it at our next regional facilitators training conference

  3. Ted

    What kind of guitar is that?

    • My guitar was made in Australia. It’s called a mini matin. I like it because it is quite small and easy for me to play. However, Molly Malone is also backed up by Band in a Box.

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